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Who: Everyone
What: Kingdom Hearts brings things to a conclusion.
Where: N/A
Warnings: Sadness...

The end is just a new beginning )
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Who: Anyone and everyone who wants to participate
What: Finding and destroying the pieces of heart that Xehanort has planted!
Where: Starting at Sora’s station, then going into the darkness
Warnings: Likely fighting, desperation and other forms of violence

Into the darkness )
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Who: Terra and others.
What: An all-too-familiar presence reveals itself.
Where: Terra's Heart Station + various, probably ending at Sora's.
Warnings: Yelling.

It felt like Terra woke from a nightmare - only to find another nightmare awaiting him. The darkness that surrounded him, that surrounded them all, was changed from what it had been when he'd entered the memory. And it was anything but unfamiliar.

For a moment he thought, thrown off balance, that it had all been a dream: his waking, the others he'd met, everything, only a story his mind had told itself. None of it real...then he saw where he was, the glass beneath his feet, and knew otherwise. It was real, but so was the presence he felt in the darkness.

Anger flooded his heart, rage that the years had only tempered and beaten into a blade of wrath. How dare he?! How dare he do such a thing again?!

His mental shout, carrying that anger in its wake, was loud enough to echo.

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Who: Master Xehanort
What: While everyone is busy with the memories, Xehanort has his own timeline to keep.
Where: Sora's Heart Station
Warnings: darkness

now fall )
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Who: Riku and Kairi, although more can enter
What: The second memory in the next chain...where does it lead?
Where: Memory chains
Warnings: Likely violence against Heartless

A memory of a savannah overtaken by shadows )
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Who: Destiny Islands, Disney Town and Keyblade Graveyard
What: The fourth memory in the next chain...where does it lead?
Where: Memory chains
Warnings: None

A memory of quiet remembrance on an ocean shore )
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Who: Even and Lea, although more can enter
What: The fifth memory in the next chain...where does it lead?
Where: Memory chains
Warnings: None, unless the memory visitors themselves bring it

A memory of a candelit vigil through a forest )
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Who: Terra, Treble and Bass, although more can enter
What: The first memory in the next chain...where does it lead?
Where: Memory chains
Warnings: Violence and blood

A memory of unmitigated war and bloodshed )
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Who: Ienzo and Perry, although more can enter
What: The third memory in the next chain...where does it lead?
Where: Memory chains
Warnings: Possible violence against Heartless and Nobodies

A memory of searching strange pipe-covered halls )
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Who: Master "Eraqus" and anyone else
What: Doing this intro thing all over again. How obnoxious.
Where: Land of Departure
Warnings: xehanort

don't have time to find appropriate cut text )
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Who: Sora (??) and anyone else
What: It seems the boy in question has suddenly made an appearance at his station!
Where: Starting at Sora's station
Warnings: Nothing so far...

Be careful what you ask for )
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[Once again, Kairi is speaking out to anyone who can hear her, and anyone is welcome to respond.]

Hi, everyone. I know a bunch of us have been exploring memories, and I’ve been wondering...which ones in particular have people seen? And did anyone else find more of those bright star objects? I’m just trying to figure out if maybe these particular memories are some kind of clue.

[She gets a little quieter.] It seems like I haven’t been able to find a lot of people lately... [She’s especially worried about Ven and Xion, neither of which she’s seen in awhile...]
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Who: Terra and Aqua.
What: Terra went out to look for his friends. Aqua went out to look for her friends. Both of them at least partially succeed.
Where: Mostly void, partly stars.
Warnings: None.

Yours...and mine )
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Who: Terra and other(s).
What: Terra finally pulls himself together enough to take note of his surroundings.
Where: Starting at Terra's heart station.
Warnings: TBD.

He doesn't notice the change at first; the inside of one heart is much the same as another, in many ways. But slowly, he realizes that this is different: there's no smothering cloud, no one stopping him. There's space, of a sort. Slowly, he begins to piece himself together.

The result is still a little strange by the time he realizes he can speak: his skin has a dull sheen to it, like metal, and his movements are slow and strange. He's in half a suit of armor, give or take, bits and pieces interspersed with his ordinary clothes.

But he has his voice, and he hopes there's someone (someone else) to speak to.

Aqua? ...Ven?

Then, less clearly, as he hesitates, worried about what the answer may be,

Is there anybody there?
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Who: Kairi, Lea, Riku, Isa, Dilan, Xehanort, Keyblade Graveyard...really, open to anyone who wants to pop in
What: Another attempt at talking to Kingdom Hearts, to see if they can get to the bottom of some changing things here.
Where: Starting at Sora's station
Warnings: Nothing, at least yet...

If they got through it together )
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Hey, guys, with everything going on and the memory stuff, Kairi and I thought we'd go talk to Kingdom Hearts again. We kind of want a few more people along for the ride, though, so no one gets lost. Who's up for a field trip?
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 Something feels.... off. 

I'm not.... I'm not the only one who notices this, right? This feeling that something's off... something's wrong?

[Not that Isa could pinpoint what's making him feel this at all.]
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[The second anyone hears Riku in this heart-speak message, they'd instantly notice how drained he sounds.]


Would someone come walk with me? I'm not doing too good.

I'm... really tired.

[Riku is currently pacing around his Station of Awakening trying to stay awake, but he can travel elsewhere if needed.]
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Who: Kairi, Riku and Perry
What: The group tests an appeal star at a heart station... Just in case.
Where: Riku's Station of Awakening
Warnings: regardless, the future doesn't scare me at all?

Riku didn't have the star-shaped object himself. )
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[This message seems to explode into existence, obtrusive and sudden, roiling in anger and exhaustion. It doesn't seem to be directed at anyone in particular, just any heart that may be receptive. As though something is testing a new ability, perhaps...]

And just what wouldst thou have of me now, thou callous and unfeeling harridan? Have I not existed long enough for thy liking? What game is afoot that even now as thou callst, thou dost not simply return that which is thine?

[The anger fades into an ancient sort of tiredness.] What further purpose could I serve at this point? This game is cruel... but perhaps it is folly of me to expect more than cruelty from the likes of thee!


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