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Name:All So End - A Kingdom Hearts AU RP
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Everything happened so fast...your world, your friends, and you were enveloped in complete darkness. Whether you were relaxing far from it or battling it head-on in the form of Xehanort’s thirteen selves, that darkness has encompassed everything and everyone there is.

Almost everyone.

You’re not sure how it happened, but now you’ve found yourself here, on a high platform made of stained glass and stone. Instinctively, you may even’re a part of everything now. A part of his heart.

How did this happen, and how are you and all the hearts of worlds and people alike here now? It’s up to you to find out, and discover a way to be restored to your own body, before time runs out for everyone...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

All So End is a private, Kingdom Hearts future AU RP where characters exist as a heart inside Sora’s heart. Characters interact on a complex and intimate level in a surreal, constantly-changing setting as they try to find a way to awaken Sora from within. This game is strongly player-driven, with multiple possible endings based on character actions or inactions.

This game is for Kingdom Hearts and related characters only, and is invite-only. We do not accept outside applications.

If you’ve been invited, either by the mod or one of the players, please check out the FAQ and How To Apply before shooting an email to! Before the game begins, also be sure to check the Rules and Game Mechanics.

All So End officially opens on September 12th!

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